IcT + Trade + HEaRt

habiTrade Consulting is an independent "Active Trader" and consulting company realizing projects for financial in the area of Stock , Options, Future, FX trader by using Computer and Statistic with art of trade as a basis for living.

We are master in IT + Investment + Media : Not only focus in Technical skill, yet Art and Soft skill plays important roles for our culture-being.

It has been started in 2002 within the computer + investment research group called GiantMagurO and later in 2009 transformed into a standalone advisory company owned by the senior partners. In 2015, a related company, Quantitative + Computer + Investments, offering investment advisory services, has been established. The habiTRADE team with specialists in mathematics, statistics, ICT, and finance offers broad knowledge and experience, a creative approach as well as proven solutions.